Hello, welcome to my website…

I am happy to be a business ‘woohoo’…

and very excited to make a difference in your life and business!’

2019 is a Happy and Powerful Year for Everyone!!!

Guiding individuals to embrace and empower their spirits and business, is my passion. When it comes to happiness, for me, it makes no sense to be living for just those rare fleeting moments or to not want to get the most out of people, in the business arena. Anybody who says ‘it’s nothing personal, it’s just business’, are wrong! Everything is personal and everything we do is motivated by self-agendas, internal drives and persistent desires, and everything we think, feel, say, or do, affects the quality and outcome, of our actions.

I offer a fresh, unique, credible blend of strategies, experiences, intelligences, perspectives, styles, and solutions. So proud of the sharings… it’s taken me a lifetime to get here and I made it – complete with all the adversities and successes! I mean it when I say I can make a difference! Contact me, so I can guide you to soar in your life or business.

‘I style my experience to offer you an experience in style.’

What Is a CHO?

CHO stands for ‘Chief Happiness Officer’. The CHO is in each and every one of us. The CHO is our life, our livlihood, and our lifestyle. It’s also the medium, and portal, I’ve chosen to relay my teachings and messages.

We are honest outloud about real issues, in people and business. It’s how we deliver value, efficiency and performance. 

Imagine a Happy person.
Then, imagine many Happy people in an organization.
Then, imagine many Happy organizations in a nation.
Now, together, we are making a difference.