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Adapt a Happy Culture

wink Happiness is an ‘untapped asset’ in most organizations. Adapting our ‘Happy Culture’ footprint enables you to take advantage of a Happy collective whole. A Happpy Culture empowers your people to achieve greater goals, successes and revenues, more quickly. With a Happy Culture footprint, the CHO – Chief Happiness Officer, is a main player when it comes to navigating people, demands, deadlines, deliverables, and details. We transition to a Happy Culture through our step-by-step Happiness model. This is a tangible, affordable, long-lasting ‘way of life’, for any organization.

Earn Honesty OutLoud’s official ‘Happy Culture’ stamp so you can attract, and maintain, quality staff, and solidify your presence in the marketplace.

A HO Happy Culture honours our spirits while we do our business.

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Imagine… a moroccan-style living-room setting, that’s inviting, quaint, comfortable and inspirational! A welcoming, holistic space where you can ‘slip away’ and quickly let go of all your grinding, day to day demands an pectations. A warm, relaxing, creative, free-flow environment, serving you fresh, unprecedented blend of strategies and experiences… ok, chocolate – not that unprecedented! I know that once you get here, you won’t want to leave and once you leave, you’ll be anxious to return!

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People Performance


Monthly Motivators

Now that your people are Happily engaged, it’s important to keep their spirits nurtured.

We offer a steady feed of monthly Happiness solutions that are easy to justify within any budget or timeline.

Business / People Sessions

  • sessions and workshops. Speaking: 45-90 min. and half, full-days;
  • informative, motivational, long-lasting;
  • progressive, vast, diverse range of business and people topics;
  • tailored to your business, your goals and your vision.

CHO – Chief Happiness Officer

We mentor CHO’s, hire CHO’s, or we can be your CHO. We know the role, very well. After all, we created it!

Weekly Fun Zone

  • Happiness, Music, and Laughter are mediums that naturally appeal to everybody. We offer a weekly, 3 hour, after-work ‘fun zone’ that keeps your people Happily engaged and motivated. See our ‘Whimsical Wednesdays’

Online Happiness Updates includes statistics, studies, news, motivators, ideas.

Talk about value!!!

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Gags & Giggles - Up the Happy

This service is a part of transitioning to a Happy Culture footprint. However, management/staff relations is such a miss in organizations, we decided to create a separate offering.

Poor communication between management and staff is the leading indicator of dysfunction and opportunity, in organizations. It impacts costs and relationships, and can severely impede growth and progress. By improving communications, Honesty OutLoud creates greater opportunities and revenues, for it’s clients.

Here, Honesty OutLoud effectively ‘bridges the gap’ between management and it’s people. This is an engagement tool that aligns the strengths and efforts of your people, with the goals of your organization. Management can confidently focus efforts on other, more pending, elements of the business, knowing their people are intrigued, engaged, motivated, and most-importantly, satisfied. This is a convenient, one-time, flat-rate service that optimizes loyalty, productivity, and performance. It’s a unique communication service that’s specifically designed to keep on giving!

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