Management Consulting


Happiness Questionnaire

smile Are your people Happy? What a way to proactively enhance your business before you bear the high-costs of employee turnover. Our proprietary HQ identifies tangible, go-forward opportunities to engage your people and keep them loyal. It’s a perfect portal for your people to express their Honesty OutLoud in a safe, anonymous environment.

Organizations will never realize their true potential until they realize the true potential of their people.

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Adapt a Happy Culture

wink Happiness is an ‘untapped asset’ in most organizations. Adapt our ‘Happy Culture’ footprint and take advantage of a Happy collective whole. We will empower your people to achieve greater goals, successes and revenues, more quickly. We use the CHO – Chief Happiness Officer, to navigate the deadlines, deliverables, and details. Our step-by-step Happiness model is a tangible, affordable, long-lasting solution, for any organization.

Earn Honesty OutLoud’s official ‘Happy Culture’ stamp so you can attract, and maintain, quality staff, and solidify your presence in the marketplace.

A HO Happy Culture honours our spirits while we do our business.

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Optimize your Business

$$$ This is the ‘grand daddy’ of all the Honesty OutLoud services. Here, we put our arms right around your business to reduce your costs, increase your revenues, enhance your image, and ease your day-to-day headaches and frustrations. After all, we are management consultants, at heart.

To ensure value, we will capsize, criticize, and optimize your infrastructure and culture. We will pick on the people, the processes, the relationships, and most definitely, the management. Crap rolls uphill in organizations, so if the truth hurts and management can’t handle it, that’s a definite problem. If management can’t deal it, don’t bother calling us.

We deliver Honesty OutLoud because we care about your organization. We identify problems, provide solutions, and effectively facilitate change so you can realize greater rewards and successes. This is an objective, affordable, comprehensive, convenient, one-stop service that enables you to polish your profits, image, and vision. Naturally, our services are performed without disrupting your operations.

We take great pride in our ability to make a difference. We look forward to arresting your dysfunction and turning your negatives into positives.

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We Improve People Performance


‘Organizations will never realize their true value

until they realize the true value of their people…’


Monthly Motivators

Now that your people are Happily engaged, it’s important to keep their spirits nurtured.

We offer a steady feed of monthly Happiness solutions that are easy to justify within any budget or timeline.

Business / People Sessions

  • Sessions and workshops. Speaking: 45-90 min. and half, full-days.
  • Informative, motivational, long-lasting.
  • Progressive, vast, diverse range of business and people topics.
  • Tailored to your goals and vision.

CHO – Chief Happiness Officer

We mentor CHO’s, hire CHO’s, or we can be your CHO. We know the role, very well. After all, we created it!

Weekly Fun Zone

  • Happiness, Music, and Laughter are mediums that naturally appeal to everybody. We offer a weekly, 3 hour, after-work ‘fun zone’ that keeps your people Happily engaged and motivated. See our ‘Whimsical Wednesdays’

Online Happiness Updates Includes statistics, studies, news, motivators, ideas.

Talk about value!!!

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Whimiscial Wednesdays

tongue-out Every Wednesday, after work, we create a unique social experience that brings people together and makes them feel Happy. Improving relationships  increases productivity, loyalty, and performance.

Our authentic, heartfelt productions promote happiness in individuals, and collectively fuel happiness synergies. Here, people can relax and get to know each other while taking in the experience. 

Honesty OutLoud is the ultimate catalyst for educating, entertaining, and motivating people. We use a clever blend of mediums – Happiness, Music and Laughter – to educate, amuse and entertain you…

  • motivational speaking – a vast array of topics that are entertaining, enlightening, and informative;
  • move to the music – first-class, versatile, decompressing. You can escape in your chair or drift away dancing;
  • themes- sporadically thrown-in just to keep the people guessing;
  • interactive sessions – don’t worry, these are just for fun. We would never humiliate or embarrass anyone.

People won’t even realize, until they leave, just how Happy they feel. Then, all week they will enjoy looking forward to next Wednesday’s follies. The anticipation, on it’s own, of not knowing what to expect, next, will keep them keen, motivated, and loyal.

We style our experience to offer you an experience in style.

Wednesdays, after work, is a wonderful opportunity for you to keep on making a difference. It’s like an insatiable addiction your people will never have to get over, or manage. A place you can nurture your people, without interrupting your daily business.

Our corporate packages are very convenient, affordable, and appealing. We also cater to the individual. Note that Honesty OutLoud also takes advantage of this setting for benchmarking purposes.

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Avoid the 'US/Them' Mentality
This service is a part of transitioning to a Happy Culture. However, it’s such a miss in organizations, we decided to make it a separate offering.

Poor communication between management and staff is the leading indicator of dysfunction and opportunity, in organizations. It impacts costs and relationships, and can severely impede growth and progress. By improving communications, Honesty OutLoud creates greater opportunities and revenues for it’s clients.

Here, Honesty OutLoud effectively ‘bridges the gap’ between management and it’s people. This is an engagement tool that aligns the strengths and efforts of your people, with the goals of your organization. Management can relish in the comfort of knowing they can focus on other elements of the business, while keeping it’s people intrigued, engaged, and motivated. This is a convenient, one-time, flat-rate service that optimizes loyalty, productivity, and performance. It’s a unique communication service that’s specifically designed to keep on giving!

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Gags & Giggles - Up the Happy

wink Do you know somebody(s) you would like to make laugh or feel Happy? While a gift shows you care, this is a very unprecedented Happy service that treats an individual(s) to a Happy ‘experience’. You can choose to have a happy ‘deed’ done anonymously, or stick around to witness ‘it’, share the laughs, and take the credit. We can design a funny experience for you, or we are Happy to customize our efforts to suit your specific ideas and requirements.

Our funnies can take place in a moment or roll out over time. Whichever way, we are flexible and will always proactively familiarize ourselves with our target(s). Imagine the joy you can bring to someone you know! What a heartfelt, loving gesture!

If you are interested in this gut-busting, belly-aching Happy service, please contact us. We are always anxious and excited to create more laughs and more Happy experiences!!! This service will make a difference in your life and in the life of others.

Sadly, we do not publicly share any of our funny ideas or Happy ‘experiences’. We regard ourselves as discreet and seamless facilitators, and to us, sharing is the proprietary right of our client.

Professional Speaking


Professional Speaking

Speaking is our passion because we can spread our messages to more people, more quickly. We offer a vast, unique array of thought-provoking, motivational people and business topics, that will touch any size and type of crowd, and complement any type of event or function.

Our sessions are informative and enlightening, and our content is styled to provide long-lasting value, for individuals and organizations. We offer monthly sessions specific to your organization or you can book us to speak at a special event or gathering. There’s so much to share and so many ways to make a difference!

The Honesty OutLoud sessions are for those who are Happy and want to get Happier, and for those who are living sad amongst the masses. It’s for those who have daily gratitude and appreciation for all they have but secretly feel a sense of fear, a void, emptiness or disappointment. It’s for the individual who feels overwhelmed from the daily grind and struggle, and for all those who want to love themselves and others. It’s also for those who care about the future health and wellness of our nation.