We Need To Focus on Happiness!

Happiness serves the needs of individuals, organizations, and nations!


  • Accelerated increases in mental health illness and disease – all ages.
  • Transitioning of Baby Boomer mindsets to post-work years head space.
  • Laws of Diminishing Returns. Growing awareness that money and stuff, alone, do not povide sustained Happiness.
  • ‘Spirituality’ has hit the mainstream – no longer just for hippies or woohoos.
  • Happiness is an innate intelligence that we all seek and is common in all of us.



  • Large, rapidly-retiring workforce.
  • Large gap in experience between generations.
  • Growing need to do more with less people.
  • Greater shift towards employee-driven demands. Growing strains to attract and maintain top quality people.
  • Growing need for organizations to reverse the corporate stigma.



  • Creation of new industries in Baby Boomer generation (technology, environment, social, wellness, alternative medicine, entrepreneurs, etc.) = heavily dispersed tax base and greater challenges to satisfy employment demands.
  • Large, rapidly-retiring workforce = reductions in disposable income, consumer spending, investor pools, and risk-takers. Global issue.
  • Fresh new thinkers, innovators, investors. More lifestyle-driven vs. money-driven. More remote work locations.
  • Multi-generational blending of mindsets. Success is not longer the key to Happiness; Happiness is the key to success.
  • Society indicators relay need for spiritual reboot in our nation.
  • Large, rapidly-aging population creates greater strains on medical services, caregivers, business, and government purse.
  • How will future of nation’s mammoth economic engine be maintained?
  • Need to increase nation’s Gross National Happiness ‘GNH’. Accelerated gains in wealth, minimal gains in Happiness, over last 3 decades.

Success is no longer the key to Happiness; Happiness is the key to success


The Benefits Are Fabulous!

Happiness serves the needs of individuals, organizations, and nations!

Benefits for Individuals

  • Enhances health, wellbeing, longevity.
  • Enhances spiritual connection – self-awareness, self-love.
  • Increases energy, motivation, desire.
  • Improves confidence, social skills, relationships.
  • Improves focus, resiliency, stamina.
  • Enhances creativity, performance, opportunities.
  • Realize goals more quickly.
  • Low-cost, low-maintenance.
  • Right to entitlement for Every individual
  • quick to engage, minimal learning curve, easy to sustain.
  • Fun, positive, stress-free.

Benefits for Organizations

  • Increases ROI.
  • Increases motivation, productivity, performance.
  • Improves teamwork, communications, sales.
  • Attracts and maintains quality staff.
  • Provides ability to do more with less people.
  • Reduces absenteeism.
  • Eases retirement / succession planning.
  • Reduces gap in experience.
  • High in demand, endless in supply, cheap to install
  • Minimal learning curve, immediate results, quick to replenish.
  • Resilience and strength in any market or economy.

Benefits for Nations

  • Reduces the risk of mental health illness and disease.
  • Eases the strain on the nation’s medical health system.
  • Eases the strain in all aspects of society.
  • Contributes to kicking the crap out of the ‘negative’ in our nation. Talk about turning the negatives into positives!
  • Upping the Happiness is a ‘silver-bullet’ for our future.



Music is one of the top five stress-relievers chosen by people. It can bring us to our feet, make our bodies tremble, our hearts sing, our souls levitate – you name it – music can move every aspect of our realms, and still take us to another space or dimension! It also broadens our horizons. Music is a given when it comes to living Happier and it boasts all the same benefits and accolades, as Happiness.

Did you know music is the ‘steady’ that’s common in all of us? The desire to want to live happy is common in all us; sadly many people still experience periods of prolonged unhappiness. Similarly, laughter makes everybody feel good yet many people forget to laugh or simply don’t notice the funny going on around them. Music always stays popular no matter what the conditions, circumstance or where we’re at in our lives or journeys. Music is a spiritual intelligence that breaks all the barriers. Oh, the savvy in what we’ve done to heighten this asset!

Honesty OutLoud is the ultimate connection for moving your soul and your spirit, through music performance and interaction. Our musicians are professional, profound, and proficient at every genre and we have a masterful music producer that’s second-to-none in terms of talent, creativity, and style.

All of our music initiatives are presented to inspire the individual, the organization, the arts, and the community. Not only is music a most-popular positive, it’s also loaded in benefits:

    • improves happiness in the workplace;
    • enhances job satisfaction;
    • reduces stress and anxiety;
    • enhances job satisfaction;
    • enhances motivation and productivity;
    • enhances team work;
    • improves communication skills and relationships;
    • enhances creativity;
    • reduces staff turnover;
    • improves exam-writing process – reduces anxiety;
    • improves overall wellness and performance.


    Who doesn’t appreciate and enjoy a good laugh? Laughter is another positive that’s common in all of us. It’s so blissful and honest, and a true sharing of one’s personality and spirit. For some, it’s a real defining add to their character. Some also do it when they’re nervous. Laughter is subjective, so you never know when, or where, it might bite you, if you will lose complete control of it, or who it might spontaneously trigger that’s around you. Laughter knows no boundaries, and like Happiness, it comes from the heart and is magnetic and contagious.

    Honesty OutLoud is so excited to debut Laughter as one of it’s engagement services. Laughter brings us together, and is a logical motivator in any team environment. We will dazzle your people and pump up your profits with our imaginations, pranks, and presentations!

    Laughter is the lighter part of our Happy culture yet, ironically, we take it very seriously. We will embrace it, embellish it, and watch you laugh all the way to the bank because of it.

    Our concepts and strategies:

    • make people Happy;
    • reduce people costs;
    • reduce stress and anxiety;
    • enhance motivation and productivity;
    • improve communication, team work and presentation skills;
    • increase overall job satisfaction and performance;
    • increase energy, creativity and stamina;
    • enhance the health and longevity of individuals;
    • reduce annual sick days;
    • collectively enhance the spirit and wellness of a corporation.

    Laughter is a fun, credible solution for any individual or organization. Who says you can’t have fun while you do your business?