Flow With Your CHO (Chief Happiness Officer)…

Wanting to live happy is naturally common in all of us. It isn’t privy to age, gender, race, religion, title, income, or situation. It’s a simple right to entitlement, for each and every one of us, and it’s very subjective, personal and private. Still, even though we’ll go to great extents to seek, achieve, and live happy, ironically, we’ll also succumb to lives of pain, and angst, just to avoid taking a chance and doing what might make us happier. Somehow, we’ve mastered hiding behind what could go wrong, all at the expense of experiencing what could go right. Somehow, we’ve grown to accept, expect, and live for just those ‘rare, fleeting moments’, and now, we’re seeing the long-term impacts, physically, emotionally and spiritually. We are wired for happy, so, logically, a ‘lack of happy’, over extended periods, will eventually suppress our spirits and negatively affect our lifestyles and journies.

Flow With Your CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) provides a unique blend of strategies, for finding and living, your happy, in a modern-day world. Based on our existing landscape, many of our esteemed medical professionals are predicting that most individuals will experience a clinical mental health ‘issue’, in their lifetimes. There are so many indicators: addictions, obsessions are raging epidemics; dementia/alzheimers are household words; our medical system is strained and heavily-burdened; rapidly-aging population requiring more care; wealth per capita at all time high and nobody’s happy, etc., etc., it goes on… 

Essentially, the psyche of our nation in the toilet, and now, it seems we may have to consciously, and temporarily, focus on happiness if we hope to actually experience and live it, in the long-term. We can’t negate the fact that after decades of aggressively toiling, building and ‘progressing’, people are struggling to keep their marbles. No way – denial and silently suffering is what got us here, and though we may find comfort, alone, in the shadows, collectively, we are severely affecting the health, wellness, of future generations, and our nation.

Flow With Your CHO (FWYC) takes you on an intellectual journey of honesty and self-discovery. It offers a get-real, down-to-earth approach that guides you to love, and honour, yourself, and to finally stop selling yourself out! It invites you to create your own positive spaces and to take advantage of positive energy paths, so you can establish a long-lasting happy foundation, and attract your best opportunities, successes, and relationships. It’s a mental spa that cleanses and rejuvenates your mind, so you can live a more joyous and spiritual lifestyle. You wouldn’t expect to get physically fit without exercise so why expect to get mentally fit, or happy, if you’re carrying excess mental baggage?

Flow With Your CHO offers a unique blend of basic psychology, metaphysical laws and energies, widely-accepted spirituality concepts, and lessons I have learned from my own personal adversities and experiences. It elevates self-awareness, self-love, and self-empowerment through spiritual consciousness, connection, and the many proven benefits of happiness. Flow With Your CHO provides a step-by-step guideline for you to find your happy groove within the dynamics of a busy, high-demand society. To further assist you in your happiness journey, it also shares an inventory of happy suggestions, and solutions, to keep your CHO grounded and balanced.

Flow With Your CHO (FWYC) also dispels any curiousity or confusion, one might have, with respect to those who are ‘pushing’ or ‘selling’ happiness solutions. I will show you why focusing on happiness is critical at this point in our history and why it’s a silver-bullet that resides within all of us. In no way, is focusing on happiness, an over-rated marketing gimmick, money-maker, passing trend, or fad. The ‘lack of happy’ is literally killing our country and deciding to focus on happy, is a gift of love, commitment and courage, to yourself, to others, to our nation, and for our future. It’s not an ‘intangible’, nor is it bad timing. Wake up people!!! The success of our future depends on it!  

‘Success is no longer the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success – for all generations.’

Flow With Your CHO is for individuals who are happy and want to get happier, and for those who are living sad amongst the masses. It’s for those who have daily gratitude and appreciation for all they have but secretly live in fear or feel a sense of void, emptiness or disappointment. It’s for the individual who feels overwhelmed from the daily grind and struggle, and for all those who want to love themselves and others. And, it’s for all those who care about the future health and wellness of our nation.

Happiness is magnetic, contagious and effective. Are you ready to face and embrace your CHO – Chief Happiness Officer?

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Go With Your CHO (Chief Happiness Officer)…

Go With Your CHO (GWYC) is the business version of Flow With Your CHO (shown above). It lends itself, to specifically improving employee engagement, productivity, and performance, in the workplace. It offers a step-by-step guideline, for empowering spirits and enriching ROI’s, and it enables organizations to achieve more and greater successes, more quickly, effectively and efficiently. It reveals how organizations can create happiness synergies, to tangibly take advantage of the many proven benefits of happiness.

Go With Your CHO is for organizations who value the spirits of their people, and for those who want to pump up, and polish, their profits, in both the short and long-run.

‘No organization will ever realize it’s true potential until it realizes the true potential of it’s people.’

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