Cheri Nichol

With over three decades of corporate business experience, Cheri Nichol has a solid reputation as an executive management consultant, business owner and CEO, and successful entrepreneur. Her background includes mergers and acquisitions, business development and management, asset integration, IT infrastructure, change management and efficiency consulting.

Cheri has had strong careers in oil and gas and IT and has dealt with people at every level and in every size of corporation. She spent 12 years gaining senior experience in oil & gas business settings. Then, 6+ years growing up, and marketing, technology at two of the ‘big six’ accounting firms, Coopers & Lybrand and Ernst & Young. Cheri forged ahead to independently grow a multi-million dollar management consulting company. As a leading service provider, she’s consulted for over 125 corporations and employed over 350 individuals.

Cheri’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to purchase and develop nine inner-city properties and promote 17 music concerts. Not only does Cheri understand the backbone of business, her “get real,” down-to-earth approach recognizes the value of happy individuals and happy organizations.

Cheri first encountered Gross National Happiness (GNH) in Spain in 2004. Realizing that happiness is more than just an innate feeling and more like an intelligence, she began to develop ways for individuals and corporations to realize the many benefits of happiness. Cheri is a Feng Shui practitioner with over 20 years of experience. Her motivation for her book, Flow With Your CHO, is based on years of professionally and personally networking and relating with people.

Cheri hopes her unique background and experience will inspire happiness in individuals and the GNH of our nation. Flow With Your CHO is intended to inspire happy and positive in individuals and collectively in a nation.

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Glen Roberts

Glen has a diverse, dynamic, and solid background, as a senior executive in the corporate world. He has successfully achieved revenues of $30-800 million for public and private Fortune 500 companies, and he has done it in many industries, such as oil and gas, a national retail franchise, and multi-media TV advertising and custom design networks, nationally. He’s been directly accountable to CEO/Presidents and Boards of Directors, and responsible for defining, developing, implementing, and delivering corporate directives.

Glen excels at Corporate and Business Development, Strategic Direction and Leadership, Marketing and Sales, and Human Resources. He also boasts an MBA and has the savvy and talent to cross mediums, product lines, and services.

Despite all Glen’s accolades and accomplishments, his passion is for people. Along with his many successes, he’s also witnessed his share of ‘pathetic’ leadership that spawns cultural frustrations, that frequently demoralizes front-line employees, disengages employees, and results in non-development of front-line staff and ongoing re-organizational changes, sometimes three times per year. He’s watched the costs, growth, and successes go down the toilet and never come close to reaching their potential, all due to a lack of commitment to the culture and the people.

“I have always pushed the envelop with my CEO’s/Presidents about the culture and a few times I took it on the chin and lost my job for challenging them.”

By choice, Glen is currently an entrepreneur consulting in varied capacities, across diverse verticals, and in many settings. His true passion is making a difference in the effectiveness of people, at mass in organizations.

“I was just frankly sick and tired of senior level leaders being awful, non confident leaders. Many were inverts and afraid to be open about their business needs to confront their staff on how to achieve or succeed profit and grow revenues.”

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Charlie Butler

Originally from Philadelphia, Charlie was born into a soulful, loving, musical environment. His father sang gospel and enjoyed listening to Beethoven. His mother loved the Blues, exposing him to a vast array of Blues artists such as Big Mama Thornton, Lavern Baker and Bessie Smith. At the age of eight, by his fathers wishes, he began his musical career playing classical violin. A few years later he put down the violin, picked up his guitar, and began making money by entertaining the neighbors in his back yard for a nickel.

After a stint in the military, Charlie moved to New York to pursue his dreams as a professional musician. He drove a beer truck and worked in a factory until he got a band together and started playing in East Village. His outstanding talents lead him to perform with artists such as Grover Washington Jr., Brook Benton, Gladys Night and the Pips, Barry White, Donna Summers, Rita McNeil, and more.

Throughout his career he was inspired by artists like Ray Charles, Wes Montgomery, Sunny Williams and Muddy Waters, to name a few. Charlie’s first-class funky, bluesy, jazzy style has earned him a long, successful career in the international arenas, Europe, Asia, South Pacific, the United States, Canada, the globe, and strong accolades as a masterful musician and multi-instrumental ‘toolist’.

Charlie plays guitar, bass pedals and sings – all at the same time! He has an unparalleled polish and style that sells out crowds and brings audiences to their feet! Talk about making people Happy!!!

Adding to his charm and versatility, Charlie’s sophistication and magnetic personality have provided him a wealth of opportunities as a master of ceremonies. Charlie has emceed for Europena Actibs Conference (Switzerland), 1988 Calgary Olympics, 2010 Whistler Olympics, Coca-Cola, Kelloggs, Nestle Quick, FedEx, and more.

As an artist and songwriter, Charlie is ‘off the chain’ as a multi-tasker!!! He is unique in his talents and unprecedented in his performance. Playing as a solo, a duo or with his band, Charlie B is a first-class, in-demand act for private parties, special occasions, corporate events, conventions, concerts, and festivals.

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