How’s our space, you ask?

Our CHO’s

We are a group of over-achieving management consultants, entrepreneurs, leaders, service providers, musicians, entertainers, emcees, and motivators. We offer a professional, savvy fusion of unparalleled talent, experience, and accountability. We know how to effectively scope, plan, produce, entertain and deliver, and we are 100% solid when it comes to adding tangible, long-term value, to individuals and businesses. You can happily take advantage of our knack for identifying problems, providing solutions and creating opportunities. We will unleash your hidden assets while we make your heart soar!

Meet Our CHO’s...  


Our proprietary strategies are rich-in-content and long-lasting in value. We tangbily reduce costs and increase revenues by increasing efficiencies, minimizing dysfunction and elevating spirits. Combining our robust talent base with our innovative, dynamic service portfolio, makes us second-to-none in any case or space. 

Our techniques and methodologies are based on a unique blend of solid, credible facts and well-accepted concepts and principals:

  • top-quality business and people experience;
  • basic psychology principles;
  • proven, metaphysical laws and energies; and
  • well-established, mainstream spirituality practices. 

To ensure quality and efficiency, we offer simple, step-by step strategies that are easy to implement, maintain, and tangibly measure. If it all sounds too great to be true, call us on it…

We would love to show you why Happiness, Music, and Laughter are more than just feelings, and more like innate, emotional and spiritual intelligences, and how our ‘hotbed’ of fresh, powerful, ready-to-go solutions can fuel your spirit and/or your business. Please keep in mind, we appeal to every age, gender, race, religion, group, title, suit or income, and we can positively affect your spirit and business, in any market or economy! .


We employ a ‘down-to-earth, get-real, no-bullshit’ approach. We are not interested in drama or politics, or dancing around the real issues. We are thought-provokers, truth-tellers and executors, and we are sincerely here to polish your performance and profits. Keep in mind, that many times we may have to uncover the ‘uglies’ to get to the pearls. Without acknowledging the problems, it’s difficult to derive optimum value, let alone make a difference. Plus… growing pink elephants, is just not efficient, nor is it our style. While the truth might hurt, denial can be long and costly. We really are that ‘diamond-in-the-rough’ that you can consistently count on, for honesty and value. 

We deliver with a classy punch that’s invigorating and powerful, and we do not succumb to any form of  ‘ass-kissing’ or ‘lip-service’. It’s a conscious choice that avoids wasting your time and dollars, and it’s just not in our make-up to risk tainting our own objectivity, quality and style. We completely understand that our approach may not be to everyone’s liking or preference. If you are not seriously interested in improving your life or business, you don’t have to call us. We won’t bother you and we won’t take it personal. 

We style our experience to offer you an experience in style.

 We take pride in establishing long-term relationships, and reinventing ourselves, to grow and evolve with you, in your life and/or business. We know how to customize our approach to elevate your specific goals and targets, and we are creative as visionaries so we will never sell you vapour-ware and you will never have to worry about us turning into a one-trick, trendy pony. We are proven, long-term service providers that will continue to delivery value and quality with the utmost flair and style. We believe in working together, to continue to be effective.


We are Happy heads that thrive on consistently experiencing the many proven benefits of Happiness, Music, and Laughter, in our lives and in the workplace. We believe in ‘walking the talk’ and we believe in our messages, so naturally we delight in adhering to a Happy culture environment. We are driven by the power of positive connections, to create Happiness synergies and make greater differences.

We keep our imaginations fresh, alive, and fruitful. It’s better for our longevity, and for our client renderings and relationships. Of course, we find utter joy in feeding our spirits while we conduct our business. We would be total hypocrites if we dedicated ourselves just to lip-service. 

We love what we do and we’re a bottomless cocktail dripping in value, service, and performance. We use our intellect to identify opportunities, and our hearts to rollout the deliverables.

We boast a solid business plan that’s supported by short and long-term goals and planning. We are the leaders when it comes to management consulting, and catalysts when it comes to turning those ‘fluffily-perceived’ people engagement services, into solid, tangible offerings. 


Our mission is to proactively reduce the risk, and volume, of mental health illness and disease, in individuals, to collectivley increase the GNH (Gross National Happiness), in our nation.


Imagine a Happy person.
Then, imagine many Happy people in an organization.
Then imagine many Happy organizations in an nation.