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‘I am a ceo, writer, author and speaker.

My passion is spirituality and business.


I love business and real-life issues.

‘No business will ever realize it’s true potential until it realizes the true potential of its’ people.’

Strong leadership has the savvy to bring the weakest product or service to fruition, and to achieve long-term goals and successes. Poor leaders usually work against themselves and often create their own failures. Quality leadership sacrifices optimum success and can even prevent the very best product or service from ever being  launched.

Similarily, we know about people, in general, and we know that mental health illness, disease, and addiction affects every gender, age, race, religion, title, net-worth, and head-set. No individual, industry, or business is exempt. We also know that our medical system is heavily-strained and burdened by more illness and disease and more consistently occuring at younger ages. Now, with a senior tsunami on the horizon, the mental health predictions for our future are even more daunting.

We know the power of people, and we know how people can affect themselves, businesses, and nations! We also know the power in numbers, and what can be accomplished, when people come together in a friendly, cooperative manner.

‘People are the energy of the future. Self-empowerment is a ‘silver-bullet’ for our nation.  Fuelling our spirits while we do our business, is mandatory.’

I create a unique blend of innate, emotional, and spiritual intelligences, to empower lives and organizations. I guide businesses to capitalize on spiritual consciousness, connection, and the power of happiness, to elevate long-term revenues and performance. 

‘I will style my experience to offer you an experience in style.’

My strategies and solutions serve individuals and organizations. My approach is simple and affordable. My results are tangible and long-lasting. I make a difference using the mind, heart, and soul. Why not feel happy while you improve your life and your business? Living for just those rare, fleeting moments, is utter nonsense, when we’re naturally wired for it. 


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We are honest outloud about real issues, in people and business. It’s how we deliver value, efficiency and performance. 

Imagine a Happy person.
Then, imagine many Happy people in an organization.
Then, imagine many Happy organizations in a nation.
Now, together, we are making a difference.